About Us

About Us

Created in March of 2011, Sweat EquiTees is an expression of entrepreneurship nationwide.  We're crazy about the spirit and passion business owners have for their vision of changing the world.  We want to see businesses grow like wildfire in the US, and once again return this nation to it's storied tradition of entrepreneurial success through ingenuity, innovation and creativity. 

We are here to help entrepreneurs wear their pride on their sleeves, literally.  Our mission is to support entrepreneurship by providing the clothing to display that pride and through our evocative designs, inspire would-be entrepreneurs to engage with those entrepreneurs that wear them.

But we're more than just a pretty shirt...$1 from every Sweat Equitee sold will be donated to an organization that teaches and encourages entrepreneurship.  You can feel real good when your walking down the street rockin' your Sweat Equitee.  After all, you've been working hard, it's time to let people know how you plan on changing the world.

Our favorite entrepreneurial support organizations include CEO, NFTE, , The Launch Pad, and the .

All of our shirts are and are printed in Miami, Florida. 

Where did you get this idea?  Great question, we're glad you asked!

One evening in downtown Miami, two entrepreneur roommates were trying to decide what pizza restaurant to order from for dinner.   asked, "How about Piolas?"  Will responded, "I can't afford that, I'm a starving entrepreneur."  The lightbulb went off (actually on, well you understand)!  Ben instantly thought of a T-Shirt that would read "Starving Entrepreneur,  will work for Equity."  After more thought (and googling) Ben realized that there weren't any ways for lifestyle entrepreneurs (like themselves) to outwardly express their passion for entrepreneurship with clothing.  Drafting a list of over 100 T-shirt ideas he quickly enlisted his friend  to create the artistic vision for a handful of the best ones, just a few weeks later the first batch of T-shirts were out on the street and being worn by some of the hippest entrepreneurs in Miami (Yup, we said hippest).

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